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Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day , that recharges you for a hectic work day .


Lunch like a King/Queen , Re-energize your self & regain your focus in the middle of the day.


Destress & Relax with Mera Dabba's Dinner .

Fresh Juices & Salad

Fresh Juices : - Checkout our Juicy flavours , book freshly squeezed juices & maintain Mineral , Vitamin & Water content of your body .

Fruit Salad : - We use Nutrient rich , Garden fresh , Seasonal fruits in preparing fruit salad . Have it & stay fit .

Sprouts (अंकुरित)

Nutritionists highly recommend to include sprouts in daily diet. Mera dabba provides Fresh , Healthy & Yummy Sprouts.

Chinu Dabba (Kids School Box)

Eating healthy food helps children concentrate & learn . Our kids school box include fruits , vegetables & a combination of protein , dairy & carbohydrate foods .

Sanskar Falahari Dabba

You can convert your regular dabba to FALAHARI / UPWAS DABBA anytime during your UPWAS .

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Monthly Plan

Mera Dabbba understands your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle . Most of the people do not get time to cook food at home. Mera dabba is a solution to this problem . Subscribe to our Yummy, Nutritious and Homely food on  monthly basis (30 days).


Very tired? Don't want to cook today? Don’t  want to eat outside? Want something healthy and tasty at your doorstep. Just call us we will be there with your dabba.

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user reviews

Devansh Goyal

Tiffin is very yummy.  Bhaiya bot ache hain.  Daily new chocolate milti hai.

Pradeep Sharma

Falhari dabba bahut hi swadist hai aur saaf suthre tarike se ghar par time par prapt ho jata hai. Mai mera dabba se atyant khush hun.

Sneha Khatri

I have been taking Mera Dabba's Juice and Fruit Salad from past few months. Both are honestly so good and yummy and you can't beat the price.
Excellent service.. Quick,Easy and Fast.

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